new-stuff-manager 0.2.2 released
Posted on: 02/10/2007 02:32 PM

new-stuff-manager is a program that runs in the background and downloads /installs plugins. It can be used by any application through its D-Bus interface. Currently, support for Deskbar-Applet is available.

* spec file for Deskbar-Applet has been added (actually, the URL of the repositry might not work, yet. kikidonk has to set it up first).
* A bug has been fixed that said that the service could not be found
* configure script now checks for ndesk-dbus-1.0 and only uses the internal version of dbus-sharp if it isn't available. I highly recommend to install offical/newer version of NDesk DBusSharp.
* Added custom Exceptions so that errors tell something meaningful
* Basic command line options are available



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