New Security Updates for Mandrake
Posted on: 09/25/2002 12:20 AM

MandrakeSoft has released two security updates:\Security Advisory MDKSA-2002:060 : tcltkSome problems were discovered with the Tcl/Tk development environment. The expect application would search for its libraries in /var/tmp prior to searching in other directories, which could allow a local user to gain root privilege by writing a trojan library and waiting for the root user to run the mkpasswd utility. This is fixed in version 5.32 of expect. A similiar vulnerability has been fixed in the tcltk package which searched for its libraries in the current working directory prior to searching in other directories. This could be used to execute arbitrary code by local users through the use of a trojan library.\Read more\Security Advisory MDKSA-2002:061 : glibc A heap buffer overflow exists in the XDR decoder in glibc version 2.2.5 and earlier. XDR is a mechanism for encoding data structures for use with RPC, which is derived from Sun's RPC implementation which is likewise vulnerable to a heap overflow. Depending on the application, this vulnerability may be exploitable and could lead to arbitrary code execution. Thanks to Solar Designer for the patches used to correct this vulnerability.\Read more

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