New 1.1.2 and Mozilla 1.7 packages on Mandrakeclub
Posted on: 07/01/2004 07:34 AM

New 1.1.2 and Mozilla 1.7 packages are available on Mandrakeclub

Thanks to Giuseppe Ghibò, Buchan Milne and David Black, Mandrakelinux 10.0 users can now download the following applications from as Mandrakelinux RPM packages:

- 1.1.2

This new version of the leading Linux office-suite provides many bugfixes and new features, including a decreased launch time! Release notes for this version are available at:

- Mozilla 1.7

The latest stable version of the popular Internet browser is faster and lighter than ever, and offers new features. When compared to Mozilla 1.6, Mozilla 1.7 is 7% faster at startup, is 8% faster to open a window, has 9% faster page loading, and is 5% smaller in binary size! All details are available at:

- NVu 0.30

The latest version of this nice WYSIWYG webpage-designing tool is based on Gecko, the Mozilla's HTML rendering engine.

Download these packages at now!

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