New lvm2 packages for Debian
Posted on: 08/23/2010 01:48 PM

New lvm2 packages has been released for Debian GNU/Linux

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Debian Security Advisory DSA-2095-1 Giuseppe Iuculano
August 23, 2010
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Package : lvm2
Vulnerability : insecure communication protocol
Problem type : local
Debian-specific: no
CVE Id : CVE-2010-2526
Debian Bug : 591204

Alasdair Kergon discovered that the cluster logical volume manager daemon
(clvmd) in lvm2, The Linux Logical Volume Manager, does not verify client
credentials upon a socket connection, which allows local users to cause a
denial of service.

For the stable distribution (lenny), this problem has been fixed in
version 2.02.39-8

For the testing distribution (squeeze), and the unstable distribution (sid),
this problem has been fixed in version 2.02.66-3

We recommend that you upgrade your lvm2 package.

Upgrade instructions
- --------------------

wget url
will fetch the file for you
dpkg -i file.deb
will install the referenced file.

If you are using the apt-get package manager, use the line for
sources.list as given below:

apt-get update
will update the internal database
apt-get upgrade
will install corrected packages

You may use an automated update by adding the resources from the
footer to the proper configuration.

Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 alias lenny
- --------------------------------

Debian (stable)
- ---------------

Stable updates are available for alpha, amd64, arm, armel, hppa, i386, ia64, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390 and sparc.

Source archives:
Size/MD5 checksum: 17393 fb9151fdf32540e15eb245389d9d5903
Size/MD5 checksum: 594342 1450ae55a89ea98e4ea51ad7f4ba22d4
Size/MD5 checksum: 1132 a0c84982012567f3ca824e7bdeae7637

alpha architecture (DEC Alpha)
Size/MD5 checksum: 256566 c326b8e851c0f32cbe8691b01cc11984
Size/MD5 checksum: 384348 8d1385a4f8337c5526f3304c6fec1f51
Size/MD5 checksum: 245390 e462d169578ba15401c90dd77760b38d

amd64 architecture (AMD x86_64 (AMD64))
Size/MD5 checksum: 225468 8c8e5331e9ddb80e616ae52e766007fd
Size/MD5 checksum: 237884 a0125354fa125136d2f9ec3de006cdc2
Size/MD5 checksum: 365790 dcc943057cd272357b6650f1eefac73a

armel architecture (ARM EABI)
Size/MD5 checksum: 234540 b88dd34c0908a28233d5eadd04f85efa
Size/MD5 checksum: 366242 4c76f36b042cf9623f0083bb805133f6
Size/MD5 checksum: 237448 c8da5e5304588fc15c99b544f04e146c

hppa architecture (HP PA RISC)
Size/MD5 checksum: 392908 6b16252cf68e7059f1e30a9e476f94e8
Size/MD5 checksum: 260256 091ed1a82e45c00754a95caa6b0baa6f
Size/MD5 checksum: 255674 2637ecd324df5ea0fc623feb19d1d306

i386 architecture (Intel ia32)
Size/MD5 checksum: 355436 9d02ac68e55be8eef8d0ea1ce6b20b43
Size/MD5 checksum: 226510 f52a7348863979ed12844154c4573c10
Size/MD5 checksum: 208860 df9af70565f01b89e4b2739352f78222

ia64 architecture (Intel ia64)
Size/MD5 checksum: 322386 5ae8fba02689e5b9a694aef1dbb13057
Size/MD5 checksum: 480774 2c556d7af51ddab5a44b2d6e5d6b3bd7
Size/MD5 checksum: 329042 f7942af707e8751aa0b4839405e82483

mips architecture (MIPS (Big Endian))
Size/MD5 checksum: 232164 9fe857ac073303976e7fc855381564ac
Size/MD5 checksum: 225760 f714be0414b5a2da553723bcbf86936d
Size/MD5 checksum: 356294 5e61467dee584f182c860a32c2d307b9

mipsel architecture (MIPS (Little Endian))
Size/MD5 checksum: 354690 47619b026ff026c16b4cc140bc6c94d0
Size/MD5 checksum: 225336 cee7c70a03aab11246400022a122e250
Size/MD5 checksum: 231334 5a661a87a3d8ec350616d7d248567272

powerpc architecture (PowerPC)
Size/MD5 checksum: 245820 ef94fd14b4386668bf0ab1e76fb661ce
Size/MD5 checksum: 223004 da5e2c560409f2463fe5032640accd17
Size/MD5 checksum: 372636 8514f410e8a3a6060d4cf4f9798f0918

s390 architecture (IBM S/390)
Size/MD5 checksum: 381192 4c81fd3daec2c429851d8e697351fce6
Size/MD5 checksum: 251920 413ae367df9f54c8f27f79287f0aa75d
Size/MD5 checksum: 247930 75c9a32ada8454709f9696fb2c18109f

sparc architecture (Sun SPARC/UltraSPARC)
Size/MD5 checksum: 229496 e5858c5018f21cd34b0d2d27accb8042
Size/MD5 checksum: 353842 06efa3d5cb736deb80499c2ed393902e
Size/MD5 checksum: 223984 76a8e6c8de5400c6a41e8923b7f12509

These files will probably be moved into the stable distribution on
its next update.

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