New csf 5.35
Posted on: 08/26/2011 06:50 PM

A new version of the ConfigServer Firewall for Linux is available

New csf 5.35


Added new BETA feature - Port/IP address Redirection. This feature uses the file /etc/csf/csf.redirect to redirect connections from/to IP/port combinations to alternative IP/ports. See readme.txt for more information
Updated syslog daemon checking in Server Report
Set PT_DELETED to 0 by default on new installations
Improvements to csf startup locking within lfd
Improvements to error trapping between csf and lfd
Check minimum values for interval settings and set to recommended values if too low during lfd startup to improve stability
Added lfd child locks to improve stability due too server or network resource issues or too low an interval setting
Updated Sanity Checks for settings
lfd will now not start if TESTING is enabled
Do not require write permissions to /etc/crontab when no changes required for TESTING mode enable/disable
Prevent parricide by lfd children unless required
Added nat table check in csf
Fixed bug in csf --grep not matching the nat table

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