nagios 1.3 released
Posted on: 11/19/2005 02:39 AM

Nagios 1.3 has been released. Thanks Spunz.

If you've been using the 1.x CVS code, this release won't have anything new for you (the 1.x code hasn't changed in a while), but you should upgrade if you're running the stock 1.2 release.

Here are the changes made since the 1.2 release:

* Notification bug fix for volatile services
* Embedded Perl bug fix in mini_epn
* Minor bug fix in trends CGI
* Bug with in retention of program state
* Bug fix in PostgreSQL code
* Fixed auto-increment fields in MySQL table creation script
* Added service name filter to status CGI
* URL encoding bug fix
* Bug fix in time change compensation code
* Bug fix for segfault in CGIs where plugin output was NULL
* Fixed log message error at start of flapping

nagios 1.3 released

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