Mythbuntu 8.04 Alpha 3
Posted on: 03/06/2008 01:46 PM

Mythbuntu 8.04 Alpha 3 has been released

It is very important to note that this release is not compatible with Mythbuntu 7.10 or any other MythTV 0.20.2 based distribution.

Changes from Alpha 2:
* Lots of bug fixes across the board in Ubiquity and Mythbuntu Control Centre.
* Several MythTV bugs that were sent upstream got fixed.

* We have merged our installer menu with the Ubuntu installer menu. This means that we now have an option for "Only Ubiquity". This lets you boot right into the installer.

* Totem can speak MythTV now for playback. Install it from Hardy and activate the MythTV plugin.

New Versions
* New Myth checkouts

Diskless support
* Diskless support is starting to enter. The MCC interface for it isn't ready, but if you would like to test the command line interface, please install from the Alpha3 disk and then follow the directions here:

Mythbuntu 8.04 Alpha 3

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