Mushkin 240GB Chronos Go Deluxe Review and more
Posted on: 12/23/2013 01:08 PM

Here a roundup of today's reviews and articles, including Mushkin 240GB Chronos Go Deluxe Review, Patriot FUEL+ 7800mAh Mobile Rechargeable Battery, Best Gadgets and Tech Products of 2013, Sharkoon Bulldozer ATX Chassis Review, and Zyxel NSA325 V2 review: affordable two-disk NAS

Mushkin 240GB Chronos Go Deluxe Review @ OCC
Equipped with 256GB of toggle-mode NAND flash managed by an LSI Sandforce 2281 controller, the Chronos Go Deluxe delivers excellent performance across the test spectrum. Rated to deliver read/write speeds of up to 560MB/sec read and 520MB/sec write, the drive meets or exceeds these performance parameters. Performance degradation over time should prove minimal with the drive supporting the TRIM command, if the operating system supports it, and 16GB of over-provisioning that reduces the capacity of the drive to 240GB; a common practice with SandForce controlled drives. Delivered with an MTBF rating of 2 million hours, or just over 228 years, you can reasonably expect the Chronos Go Deluxe to last well past the three-year warranty period. Outside of the pricing, I can say this drive performed up to expectations delivering its rated performance and then some more!

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Booq Viper Hardcase 7 Graphite Tablet Sleeve Review @ TestFreaks
I’m sure tablets will be high in popularity this year for gifts, so if you’re going to buy your loved one a tablet you need to make sure you also get them a nice case for it. Today I’ve got a quick review for your of the Booq Viper Hardcase 7 Graphite which is a cross between a tablet sleeve and a case I think. It features dual zippers and opens up like a book but has a space your tablet to slide in along with a few other pockets for anything else you might need to take with you. Booq makes excellent products and the Viper Hardcase is a great way to protect your tablet while on the go.

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Patriot FUEL+ 7800mAh Mobile Rechargeable Battery @ NikKTech
Portable batteries used to recharge your portable devices, tablets and smartphones have been around for quite some time now but even so i don't really see that many people using them when I'm on the road. Personally i use 3 portable batteries daily not only because i don't like having to remember to bring the same one along with me every time i go out (eventually i will forget) but also because one would need to be recharged three times as much so i have one placed behind the seat of my car, another in my backpack and a third one (the smallest of the three) in my shoulder wallet/bag. On the other hand out of all the people i know just 3 own portable batteries and only 1 of them actually carries it around with him in case of an emergency. Today's review is about one such portable battery and more specifically the latest PowerBank released by Patriot the FUEL+ 7800mAh.

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FC-1300 Cool Style Laser Gaming Wired Mouse Review @ TestFreaks
Today for review I have an inexpensive laser gaming mouse, at least I think it’s a laser sensor, it might be optical. The mouse says laser sensor, the packaging on the front says laser sensor, but on the back it says optical. The sensor in the mouse goes up to 3200dpi, no it goes up to 2800dpi, no it goes up to 200dpi. Yeah I don’t know what the sensor levels are, there are three different labels with different DPI levels listed. The mouse also has adjustable weights in it, just kidding, actually no it doesn’t, the packaging says it does but in reality it doesn’t. Yeah this is ridiculous, read on if you want, if not then don’t…

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Asus GTX 780 Ti DirectCU II OC Review @ KitGuru
Today we look at the new customised high end card from Asus, the GTX780 Ti Direct CUII OC. This solution features a customised two fan cooler and out of the box overclocked speeds. We already know the GTX780 Ti is the fastest single GPU on the planet, so how does the tweaked ASUS card stack up?

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Corsair CS Series Modular 650 W @ techPowerUp
Corsair recently added another line, the CS-M, to their rich portfolio. Today, we will evaluate the CS650M: it features compact dimensions and a semi-modular cabling design. The PSU is also 80 Plus Gold certified and has a single +12V rail that can deliver up to 51 A of current.

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Best Gadgets and Tech Products of 2013 @ Techspot
As we reach the end of the year, it's a good time to look back and draw a line between the best tech product launches of 2013 and the rest of the pack. The final weeks of December are generally void of big product announcements, yet only two weeks later, we're set to be bombarded with new gadgets at CES.

Leveraging the power of TechSpot's Product Finder, here come 2013's most popular and noteworthy tech products across 14 categories. You'll find aggregated review scores on each of the 75 product picks along with a brief commentary and more detailed information upon clicking on any of them.

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MSI Radeon R9-270X HAWK review @ Guru3D
In this review we take a peek at the MSI Radeon R9-270X HAWK. Armed with a customized PCB and their TwinFrozr model IV based coolers they factory overclocked the product and will try to get you as much value for money as they can. It is a beastly looking card alright. Follow us into this review where we'll look at temperatures, noise, performance, Frame latency and we'll even give Ultra High Definition gaming a go with the hottest game titles on the globe.

Now before we begin with the new graphics cards the first thing that you guys will need to get used to is the new naming schema. AMD ended with the Radeon HD 7000 and 8000 series graphics card in 2013. Logic dictates that AMD would have continued with a series 9000. But hey now, we already have had the Radeon 9000 series many years ago (2003), oh and who doesn't remember the Radeon 9800 Pro right? As such it was time to bring in a new naming schema, a bit more in line with AMD's APUs. R9 will be high-end and R7 will be mainstream and inevitably R5 being entry level. After that you'll notice products being tagged as 250, 260X, 270X, 280X and the coolest two of them all the Radeon R9 290 and R290X, (which have yet to be released). Though almost all of these are all new model graphics cards, most of them are respin products based of the Radeon HD 7000 series with a number of improvements. The respin products will get a new PCB, cooling, clock frequencies and much like NVIDIA boost, power, voltage, fan and load limiters. In the ling run there are three products in the lineup that come with a new GPU. For example The R7 260X and then of course R9 290 / 290X will be Hawaii GPU based. The cards with new silicon come with a truckload of new features like integrated DSPs offering TrueAudio technology. The rest (270X/280X) will keep the older specs. I agree that is a little confusing, but we'll explain it all over the next pages.

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MSI Z87I Gaming AC Mini-ITX Motherboard Review @ HiTech Legion
Entertainment boxes that go near a television are all the rage nowadays. Look at the success of the Roku and entertainment apps on Playstation/Xbox consoles. Now we have the Steam boxes going into testing with the capability of high end gaming on the biggest screen in the house. However, haven’t we had this ability for quite some time by connecting a PC to our television? The answer of course is yes and no, yes you could have attached a bulky PC to your TV and gamed on that screen, but nothing as compact as a console.

Manufacturers are beginning to answer the call for small form factor hardware in droves. From SFF coolers to high end mini-ITX motherboards. Without this small hardware many of the console designs and Steam box designs would be next to impossible. Of course Steam will be also releasing their OS for free so you could build your own Steam box. A great start would definitely be a high end mini-ITX motherboard.

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Sapphire R9 290 @ PureOverclock
When AMD launched the 7000 series of graphics cards, an evolutionary approach was made, moving the bar by improving not only gaming horsepower, but also power efficiency and temperatures. AMD ruled the roost for a time, until Nvidia came along with their 700 series cards, pushing things and gaining the upper hand. Like two titans battling for supremacy, these two companies trade blows with each successive generation launch.

And that brings us to latest AMD product; namely, the R9 290 graphics card. AMD is again looking to capitalize on their latest architecture, but the company has made it clear that framerates aren’t their primary goal. AMD wants to make affordable products that offer strong gaming performance, which is arguably one of the most important criteria for gamers out there who may be hard-pressed to choose where to spend their hard-earned money.

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Antec P100 Case @ Rbmods
Today we are taking a look at a miditower case from Antec which is a sample from their performance series. The P100 seems to be a very nice case with a clean look and most of the needed features these days. Having said this, lets get on with the review!

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Sharkoon Bulldozer ATX Chassis Review @ eTeknix
Sharkoon are not what I would call most people’s first choice when it comes to picking a new chassis, at least not here in the UK. However, we’ve seen a couple of Sharkoon products in the eTeknix office over the last couple of years that really impressed us, not only for being great cases, but also because they offered great value for money. This has left us eager to see more from Sharkoon and today we will be taking a look at their new Bulldozer chassis, a budget friendly ATX chassis that is available in a choice of three colours. Blue, Green or Red LED edition are available, with the blue model coming in a grey chassis, while the green and red LED models come in a black chassis.

Priced at just under £50 the Bulldozer is far from expensive, making it a prime pick for those looking for a cost-effective build, but still pack plenty of features without dipping down to cheap chassis brands. As you can see from the specification below, the Bulldozer has support for a decent amount of storage, while supporting long graphics cards thanks to a removable hard drive bay, it features a side panel window, cable routing and pre-installed fans.

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Sapphire R9 290X Tri-X OC Review (1600p, Ultra HD 4K) @ KitGuru
AMD fans have been waiting on this for a long time, the eagerly awaited Sapphire custom version of AMD's R9 290X, featuring their cutting edge Tri-X cooling system. Sapphire have not only adopted their impressive three fan cooler, but they have tweaked the core and memory speeds a little, offering higher out of the box performance. Is this the fastest, most powerful (single GPU) AMD video card that money can buy?

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SLI Scaling: Can Three GeForce GTX 760s Beat Two 780s? @ Toms Hardware
Back when GeForce GTX 780 sold for $650, slinging a bunch of 760s together looked like a great deal. Now that the 780's down to $500, is there still value in going three-way SLI with GK104, or are you better served by a couple of GK110-based 780 cards?

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Zyxel NSA325 V2 review: affordable two-disk NAS @ Hardware.Info
We recently reviewed the Zyxel NSA310S, an affordable single disk NAS that had a surprising amount of features and reasonable performance. It definitely got our attention, and the promise of slightly better performance and a second disk sounds too appealing to pass up. That's the recipe for the NAS device we're looking at today, the Zyxel NSA325 V2.

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