Multitouch gestures coming to Ubuntu 10.10
Posted on: 08/17/2010 10:38 PM

ZDNet posted a news story that support for multitouch gestures are planned for Ubuntu 10.10

Multitouch gestures coming to Ubuntu 10.10

Multitouch is just as useful on a desktop as it is on a phone or tablet, so I’m delighted that the first cut of Canonical’s UTouch framework has landed in Maverick and will be there for its release on 10.10.10.

You’ll need 4-finger touch or better to get the most out of it, and we’re currently targeting the Dell XT2 as a development environment so the lucky folks with that machine will get the best results today. By release, we expect you’ll be able to use it with a range of devices from major manufacturers, and with addons like Apple’s Magic Trackpad.

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