Posted on: 01/22/2007 02:05 PM

Muine is a music player using new UI ideas. The goal is to create a player that eschews the iTunes model in favor of an easier and more comfortable interface.


This release primarily updates Muine to use NDesk's ( fully managed dbus-sharp for its DBus communication.


- Switch to using the fully managed NDesk dbus-sharp [Peter Johanson, Alp Toker]
- Switch to using Gtk# 2.6 or newer [Peter Johanson]
- Make the tray icon transparent [Wouter Bolsterlee]
- Various bug fixes and cleanup [Iain, Peter Johanson]

New translations

- Arabic [Djihed Afifi]
- Dzongkha [Pema Geyleg]
- Greek [Athanasios Lefteris, Kostas Papadimas]




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