Mozilla Firefox & Thunderbird v1.5 release candidates
Posted on: 11/01/2005 06:27 PM

Phoronix has posted some screenshots on the Mozilla Firefox Thunderbird v1.5 release candidates

After covering several Deer Park ALPHA and BETA releases, Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird have both made their way to the v1.5 release candidates. Today's release, was delayed four days from its original October 28 tentative date after a four day development freeze and to ensure final testing mainly in the area of web-mail and banking services along with extension compatibility. Overall, this release encompasses a great deal of noticeable improvements that Mozilla users around the world can now cherish. These advancements range from an inline spell checker, podcasting, and a phising detector in Thunderbird to security and improved CSS 2/3 support in Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox Thunderbird v1.5

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