Morphix 0.4 Released
Posted on: 07/12/2003 01:03 PM

Morphix 0.4 has been (re)released

What has changed? Well, I still have to fill in all the changes since 0.3-6, but numerous fixes have been made to the base module, wifi support has been added (prism2 + orinoco), USB has been fixed, and I've thrown in a 2.4.21-xfs kernel for good luck.

Furthermore, all mainmodules have been updated to the latest packages in Debian sid, giving you Firebird 0.6 in Light and Mozilla 1.4 in Heavy and KDE modules. The Game module has been split up, and now the iso includes a Enemy Territory minimod instead of the Q3A or UT2003 demo's, which are now available as minimodules separatly. Also, the new Server mainmodule is available, not much has changed with it, but it might come in handy for some people. Still quite new, so don't expect too much of it.

The number of minimodules has exploded from 4 to 16, among which scientific, rescue, console and security minimodules. Check the modulelisting for details!

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