Posted on: 03/13/2003 10:55 PM

Saw over at PCLinuxOnline that a new fork of Knoppix is available.

Currently, there are three offerings on the Morphix site: A "heavy GUI" ISO which features GNOME 2.2 (!!), a KDE 3.1 ISO, and a "light GUI" ISO based on icewm. A "games" ISO (also icewm-based) is in the works but not currently available.

Even better, Morphix has the beginnings of a decent, GTK-based, GUI installer (with the exception of a few moments spent in text-based cfdisk to set your partitions). While nowhere near as sophisticated as the commercial distributions, it benefits from Knoppix's uncannily accurate hardware detaction and installs in roughly the same amount of time as the "big three" commercial distros. Once you're into your new Debian desktop, fire up apt/Synaptic and find 12,000+ Debian packages at your disposal. Very cool. And, best of all is that Morphix is completely open and free.

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