MlView 0.9.0 unstable development release
Posted on: 08/07/2005 01:21 PM

MlView 0.9.0 is an unstable development release. It is the basis of the coming 0.10.0 "a-bit-more-stable" release.

MlView is a generic XML editor for GNOME. It basically lets you edit all types of XML files without any risk of forgeting to close a tag here or there  ;)

Enhancements since 0.8.0

* switch the codebase to C++, use Gtkmm yay! [Dodji Seketeli, Stephane Wirtel, Benjamin Dauvergne]
* complete preferences support [Philippe Mechaï]
* rework application preference storage management [Philippe Mechaï]
* integrate MlView Clipboard with the native clipboard [Dodji Seketeli]
* rework the view management internals [Dodji Seketeli, Philippe Mechaï]
* added a dialog to execute a script on a currend document [Philippe Mechaï]
* initial support for loadable modules [Nicolas Centa]
* added 'launch command' dialog [Philippe Mechaï]

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