Man/Mgetty Updates for Mandrake Linux
Posted on: 05/07/2003 11:51 AM

MandrakeSoft has released two security updates for Mandrake Linux:

MandrakeSoft Security Advisory MDKSA-2003:054 : man

A difficult to exploit vulnerability was discovered in versions of man prior to 1.5l. A bug exists in man that could cause a program named "unsafe" to be executed due to a malformed man file. In order to exploit this bug, a local attacker would have to be able to get another user to read the malformed man file, and the attacker would also have to create a file called "unsafe" that would be located somewhere in the victim's path.

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MandrakeSoft Security Advisory MDKSA-2003:053 : mgetty

Two vulnerabilities were discovered in mgetty versions prior to 1.1.29. An internal buffer could be overflowed if the caller name reported by the modem, via Caller ID information, was too long. As well, the faxspool script that comes with mgetty used a simple permissions scheme to allow or deny fax transmission privileges. Because the spooling directory used for outgoing faxes was world-writeable, this scheme was easily circumvented.

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