Mandrake Server Essentials Handbook
Posted on: 03/15/2004 04:39 PM

The Mandrake Server Essentials Handbook has been released

Mandrakesoft announces the immediate availability of the "Server Essentials Handbook," a comprehensive 360 page guide that contains essential information about the use of Mandrakelinux as a server. The handbook focuses on Mandrakelinux 9.2, but the enclosed information applies to all recent versions of Mandrakelinux. Perfect for all Linux users who need quality reference material onimportant server topics, the "Server Essentials Handbook" is available now at

Covered topics include:
- Configuring and administering the system
- Configuring an Internet connection
- Mounting remote directories with NFS and SMB
- Securing the system
- Using the Server Configuration Wizards
- Configuring masqueraded clients
- Postfix configuration
- Apache configuration
- MySQL configuration
- Using NIS
- And more

The complete table of contents for this 360-page guide is available online at: (PDF - 80K).

The "Server Essentials Handbook" is available exclusively from Mandrakestore for only 34.90 EUR/39.90 USD:

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