Mandrake PowerPack 9.0 Review
Posted on: 11/18/2002 03:03 PM

NewsForge has posted a review on Mandrake Linux PowerPack 9.0

I installed Mandrake "fresh" on one laptop, then did an upgrade on another that was running 8.2. The upgrade was flawless. All my data, including my screen settings, email, and other personalizations came through intact. I have never had such an easy upgrade experience on any operating system, not even a Mac going from 9.2 to 10.1. Naturally, I backed up all my data first, but in this case that turned out to be a "peace of mind" thing, not a life-saver, although more than once in the past -- including with Mandrake -- not backing up data before an upgrade has led me into disasters. Backing everything up is always a good habit, in any operating system. Even if all the software is lovely and stable, a hard drive can die as fast under Linux as under any other operating system.

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