Mandrake Linux 9.0 Review
Posted on: 10/02/2002 04:05 PM

RatedPC has posted a review on Mandrake Linux 9.0\"Of course, one day after Mandrake 9.0 was released, I had it downloaded and burned on 3 shiny CDs. However, this time, I decided to load it on new hardware. In fact, I've been waiting for Mandrake just so that I can upgrade my whole system. I was quite happy with Mandrake's performance on my Asus motherboard based Duron 750Mhz with 512MB RAM, 6GB hard drive. While KDE and Gnome were just too slow, I used IceWM for a speedy desktop. To find out how I use my desktop, refer to my Linux on Desktop article. The new computer consists of Asus A7V266E (Via KT266A), Athlon XP 1600 (1.4Ghz), 256MB DDR RAM and 40GB Maxtor D740-X 7200RPM hard drive. I am still using an HP 9300 10X4X32X CD burner which has been faithful to me for the past 3 years. The Geforce 2 GTS and Creative Sound Blaster 5.1 are also carried over from my previous box. I am also using Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer and I have a standard keyboard from my Acer box from 1997."\Read more

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