Lycoris Desktop/LX Build 52 Beta
Posted on: 10/03/2002 12:56 PM

Lycoris has released Lycoris Desktop/LX Build 52 Beta: \Lycoris Desktop/LX is a familiar, powerful and open alternative to Windows. Put the power back into your hands with this new, affordable operating system.

New in Build 52:- removed rsync - pcmcia-cs no longer overwrites /etc/pcmcia/wlan-ng.opts - libsmbclient now obsoletes samba-devel - made default font sizes 12 point - fixed kdict small font size problem - made registry product dynamic - added new icon for shell scripts - minor update wizard gui tweaks - separated updates for interconnect and personal - added probo S3 savage XFree86 drivers - fixed booter text display colors - more tweaks to make gtk apps look like ours - moved kernel DRM drivers into XFree86 package - regenerated hw probe lists - added support for ProSavage P4M266 DDR video detection - added modversions.h to linux-source-common - jre now obsoletes java-jre-plugin - made /etc/.issue dynamic - now only 3 default desktops\Check out DistroWatch for a package overview\Download CD 1 (Binary)Download CD 2 (Source)Download CD 3 (DevTools)\Only the first CD is necessary for the installation of Lycoris Desktop/LX

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