LSB and Dependency Hell
Posted on: 08/04/2004 06:33 PM

OSNews has posted an analysis of the "dependency hell" problem in Linux

I have used Linux for almost 8 years now and exclusively for the last three, so I have experienced what many refer to as "dependency hell". Two years ago I switched to Gentoo which radically reduced my experiences with dependency hell. I will not say it eliminated it-for I love to play with the very newest and latest, but as regards those packages in portage I have had extremely few dependency problems -read perhaps 3 times.

In fact my experience with Gentoo has been so positive that I doubt I will ever use a binary distribution again-except the one I roll for myself. With this as a background you can probably imagine the immediate utility of "grand solution" to "dependency hell" for some one like me: ie. negligible.

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