Loads of Linux Links (LoLL) Version 1.0.1 Released
Posted on: 11/25/2002 11:15 PM

Loads of Linux Links (LoLL) is a GPLed database and software to generate a website with 3000+ subject-classified and searchable Linux links for all levels of Linux users.

The purpose of the Loads of Linux Links project is to collect, organise, classify and maintain important URLs about Linux and the Open Source movement for all levels of Linux users. The LoLL project now has 3000+ links which are updated regularly.

This project originally began as a service for the Victoria Linux Users' Group (VLUG) but in the true spirit of Linux, we decided to share this valuable resource with the wider Linux community by putting the Loads of Linux Links project on SourceForge. Like Linux, this is a work in progress, so stay tuned here for futher update announcements concerning additional links and revised subject categories. Also, like Linux, no one owns this project -- it's GPLed so the project can never be hijacked by proprietary interests!

The current contributors to the project are Andrew Willard, past president of VLUG with extensive experience with Linux hardware and software; Barbara E. Irwin, current vice-president of VLUG with 30 years experience as a professional librarian; and, most importantly, users of LoLL who submit new or changed Linux-related URL's for the project with the assurance that their contribution will remain under the GPL forever.

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