Linux Mint 12 Lisa Review: Magnificent is the Word!
Posted on: 12/04/2011 03:44 PM

Tech Drive-In published a review on Linux Mint 12 Lisa

Linux Mint 12 Lisa Review: Magnificent is the Word!

A friend of mine had issues with configuring his new Creative 5.1 speaker system in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot. He tried different ways to make it work before calling me for help. So when I finally found his system, it was in a pretty bad shape. I had no clue where to even start with. Then I learned that the release of Linux Mint 12 "Lisa" was around the corner. The system would be better off with a reinstall anyway, so I thought, why don't I just give Linux Mint 12 a try and see what happens.

I went on to download Linux Mint 12 "Lisa" 64-bit DVD release. Installation went smooth and fast, thanks to the new improved Ubiquity introduced during the latest Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot release cycle. All essential applications and codecs were already in place and it was quite slick too even with all the added GNOME Shell tweaks. Then I plugged in the Creative 5.1 speaker system, launched Sound Settings from Volume Menu, choose Analog Surround 5.1 Output from Hardware tab and that was it. All 5 speakers and the subwoofer was working just fine. I was really impressed. And so I decided to install Linux Mint 12 in my netbook replacing my old, reliable work horse Ping-Eee OS for the very first time.

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