Lineox Enterprise Linux 4.0 RC1
Posted on: 02/18/2005 06:48 AM

Lineox Enterprise Linux 4.0 RC1 has been released. Here the press release:

Lineox has released today the first release candidate of Lineox Enterprise Linux 4.0 which is built from the source packages available from
Lineox has replaced some graphics files and changed or replaced some other files mainly because of trademark issues while retaining full compatibility. This release includes also updated packages which were built from 27 source packages available from

Lineox expects to release the final version of Lineox Enterprise Linux 4.0 within one week and x86_64 RC1 version later this week.

Because Fedora Core 3 and Beta 2 of the product on which Lineox Enterprise Linux 4.0 is based were released almost simultaneously and 1216 of the 1398 packages in Beta 2 are exactly the same, Lineox encourages Fedora Core 3 users to upgrade their "beta quality" Linux to the stable version offered by Lineox.

A bittorent for CD binary iso files is available from Lineox download page at

The only way to download ISO's is currently via bittorrent. Please leave your download client running after the download is complete (with ports 6881-6889 open) as your client will become part of the peer to peer bittorrent network and reduce the load on our network mirrors.

NOTE: This is a Release Candidate distribution build and may not be suitable for use in production environments. We encourage you to provide feedback on this build via the Mailing Lists at

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