libwnck 2.11.91
Posted on: 08/09/2005 05:57 AM

Library for writing different kinds of workspace switchers, window lists, task bars, task menus, etc. Window Navigation Construction Kit. Pronounced "lib-wink"

* What's changed ?


- Have window list tooltips display WM_NAME instead of WM_ICON_NAME
(Mariano Suarez-Alvarez) [#124463]
- Zero out unused fields in ClientMessages, as required by the EWMH
spec (Gregory Merchan) [#135024]
- Fix an activation/minimization inconsistency (Elijah Newren)
- Correctly determine the active task when dealing with transients
(Xavier Claessens) [#310381]
- Clean up a number of warnings (Philipp Thomas, Benoit Dejean)
[#140175, #310829]
- Fix builds that don't disable docs, get make distcheck to work
(Matthias Clasen) [#302231]
- Add wnck_window_set_window_type() function (Olivier Andrieu)
- Add API for allowing the button relief to be set to
GTK_RELIEF_NONE for transparent panels (Ryan Lortie) [#167932]
- Fix workspace switching behavior (revert the stuff related to the
behavioral change from bug 161361 made in the 2.10 cycle -- Elijah
- Prevent pager from flickering when moving windows between
workspaces (Christian Neumair) [#167745]


- Christophe Merlet (RedFox) (fr)
- Jaydeep Bhusal (ne)

* Where can I get it ?

Source code

MD5 Sums

930daefe4d6bc2fce9426b0a594e1b0e libwnck-2.11.91.tar.bz2
09eab6e337633b5de34277dd34578786 libwnck-2.11.91.tar.gz

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