libgnome[ui|canvas] 2.9.1
Posted on: 01/26/2005 04:11 AM

New releases of libgnome, libgnomeui and libgnomecanvas are released.


libgnomecanvas 2.9.1

What's new since 2.8.0

* Bug fixes:
- Build fixes (Ondrej Sury)
- Warning fixes (Kjartan)

* Translations:
- New translation (ang)
- Updated translations (en_CA, et, zh_TW)

libgnomeui 2.9.1

What's new since 2.8.1

* Bug fixes:
- Portability fixes (TheWrittenWord)
- Fix a leak in the file chooser (Christian Persch)
- Use correct size for external thumbnailing scripts
(Fernando Herrera)
- Fix compiler warnings (Kjartan)
- Make gnome-app more robust against programmer mistakes (scott at asofyet org)

* Translations:
- Updated translations (bg cy, de, en_CA, es, fr, it, ko, nso,rw, zu)

libgnome 2.9.1

What's new since 2.8.0

* Bug fixes
- Handle empty Real Name fields in /etc/passwd (Callum McKenzie)
- Fix builddir/srcdir errors (Thomas Fitzimmons)
- Deprecation: gnome-config.[ch], gnome-i18n.[ch], gnome-score.[ch] (Anders Carlsson)

* Translations:
- Various updated translations (en_CA, es, fr, hr, it, ko lt,th)


Enjoy and as always, file bugs in

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