libgnomekbd 0.1
Posted on: 10/19/2006 11:21 AM

Another GNOME internal library is born, libgnomekbd. Actually, it existed all the way from ... I do not remember when - as two virtual CVS modules - libgswitchit and libkbdraw (used in gnome-applets and gnome-control-center). Now (actually, starting from the next releases of g-c-c and g-a), these virtual modules are history. A separate project is here to stay, 2 separate .so objects (one of them does not depend on gtk), separate unit tests, GConf schemas, translation, bugs etc.

What's inside:
- keyboard configuration persistence (over GConf).
- keyboard configuration registry, client and server parts (using DBUS).
- keyboard indicator widget (can be used in any GNOME application).
- keyboard layout indication widget (can be used in any GNOME application).

The code is in gnome CVS (libgnomekbd). Tagged v_0_1.
The source tarball is available from (sorry, I do not have
access to

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