KTTS 0.2.0 Released
Posted on: 12/13/2004 06:20 PM

KTTS 0.2.0 has been released

The KDE Accessibility team is pleased to announce the first public release of KTTS -- the KDE Text-to-Speech System.

KTTS is a subsystem within the KDE desktop for conversion of text to audible speech. KTTS is currently under development and aims to become the standard subsystem for all KDE applications to provide speech output.

User Features:

_ Speak any text from the KDE clipboard.

_ Speak any plain text file.

_ Speak all or any portion of a text file from Kate.

_ Speak all or any portion of an HTML page from Konqueror.

_ Use as the speech backend for KMouth and KSayIt.

_ Speak KDE notifications (KNotify).

_ Long text is parsed into sentences. User may backup by sentence or paragraph, replay, pause, and stop playing.

_ Audio output via aRts or GStreamer (version 0.8.7 or later)

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