KSquirrel 0.6.0-pre9
Posted on: 11/17/2005 12:46 AM

KSquirrel 0.6.0-pre9 has been released

KSquirrel is a new image viewer, simple and convenient in usage.

While all others use another's decoders, in KSquirrel image decoding is based on own decoders (ksquirrel-libs) which format is very simple. If support of certain format FMT is necessary for you, you can write the decoder for KSquirrel, compile and copy in /usr/lib/ksquirrel-libs. At desire you can use ksquirrel-libs in other image viewer.

Due to usage OpenGL show and a manipulation the image is characterized by extreme speed :). Also in the program customized filters, external programs, tree, thumbnails, extended thumbnails with the information on the image, flexible options, etc. are available.

KSquirrel is the first viewer for KDE widely supporting such a quantity of formats, including Photoshop PSD, X cursors, animated GIF, WMF, SVG, and JPEG2000.

KSquirrel 0.6.0-pre9

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