Knoppix V3.2-2003-05-16
Posted on: 05/17/2003 05:37 PM

Klaus Knopper has released a new build of Knoppix 3.2

* V3.2-2003-05-16
- A new version of the LinuxTag 2003 GPL ticket
- Added dash for mkinitrd
- Included newer orinoco/prism chipset drivers with monitor support for wireless cards
- New xhrefresh/hsync bootoption needed for some TFT displays
- Removed tipptrainer and ksim because we are running out of space
- abiword and gnumeric update
- Fixed a break in knoppix-autoconfig for custom background images on CD
- Added some graphics adapters and network cards to autodetection
- Updated samba-server to version 2.99 (3.0 alpha)
- cups driver updates from Debian/unstable
- Updated the FAQ (please don't send any more return envelopes, ask the vendors from the Knoppix website for updates instead, thanks!)
- The usual package updates from Debian security-updates/testing/unstable
- UNSOLVED: The official OpenOffice version from can't export Tables in Excel2000/XP(TM) format, but crashes on the attempt in Debian/testing (probably a library problem). Workaround: Use the compatible 95 format for exports, or just save in native OpenOffice spreadsheet format.

Download (English)
Download (German)

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