Knoppix V3.2-2003-04-15
Posted on: 04/18/2003 11:02 AM

Saw over at DistroWatch that a new build of Knoppix is available

What's new:

- New "noaudio" boot option, prevents sound from being probed
- SCSI controllers are now probed in knoppix-autoconfig, if no "noscsi" option is present.
- OpenOffice update to 1.0.3 (german+english)
- kmahjongg (the old Gnome1 mahjongg got lost in the last update)
- knx-alsa package update (Fabian Franz)
- Removed some orphaned menu entries in KDE
- Added configure-xawtv by Fabian Franz and Kai Lahmann
- Changed default mouse protocol from PS/2 to "auto" for XFree 4.3, as suggested by Kai Lahmann

Download (English)
Download (German)

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