knoda 0.7-test3 released
Posted on: 06/16/2004 06:16 AM

knoda 0.7-test3 has been released

Knoda is a database-frontend for Mysql, Postgresql and ODBC. Besides tables and queries knoda comprises forms and reports. It is scriptable via Python.

Main changes:

Knoda goes KMdi! It has a completely new GUI now, which is much more KDE like (see

If you prefer the old layout you can use the command line options --classic, and --classic-mdi (the previous --mdi option)

Knoda also has a new query editor GUI (see, which allows to create queries without the need to write SQL.

Many bugs are fixed, particularly reports should work much better now.

Please send bugreports, feature requests or comments as usual to or to the mailing list

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