KNODA 0.7.4 released
Posted on: 06/26/2005 04:15 PM

KNODA is a database-frontend for Dbase, Firebird, Mdb (MS Access), Mysql, Paradox, Postgresql, SQLite and ODBC. Besides tables, views and queries KNODA comprises forms and reports, which are scriptable via Python.

Main new features:
* Firebird driver added
* mdb driver (MS Access) added (read only)
* xbase driver (DBase) added
* paradox driver (Corel Paradox) added (read only)
* Forms improved a lot:
* new data-aware image field may store its data in external files or in
binary columns, is scaleable and can also act as a non-data-aware widget
* Buttons may contain icons
* date widget has been added
* store and load connection information, so login can be much easier
* export/import between databases is possible now
* many scripting API improvements (e.g. show_directorydialog(),
get_pyvisible() etc.). get_pyvisible is a replacement for the former
combination of get_visible() and cast_xxx() functions.
* the full documentation (tutorials, references etc.) added is available via
* The GUI improved in details

Also many bugs are fixed. Example databases can be found at:

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