KNetworkConf 0.6 available
Posted on: 08/07/2004 07:14 AM

KNetworkConf 0.6 has been released

KNetworkConf is a KDE Control Center Module to configure the Network settings in a simple and intuitive way. It has the following features:

* Configure installed network devices (you can't add new ones for now) in basic and advanced mode (ie. don't auto configure broadcast and netmask values).
* Configure the default gateway and gateway device.
* Configure host and domain names.
* Add/remove DNS servers (/etc/resolv.conf).
* Add/Remove known Hosts (/etc/hosts).

KNetworkConf works now in 13 different platforms:

* BlackPanther OS
* Conectiva Linux
* Debian Linux
* Fedora Linux
* FreeBSD
* Gentoo Linux
* Mandrake Linux
* OpenNA Linux
* Polish Linux Distribution
* Red Hat Linux
* Slackware Linux
* TurboLinux

KNetworkConf uses the Gnome System Tools (gst) ( network backend to find out the network values in a platform-independient manner. This backends are a bunch of perl scripts that use XML files to communicate with different frontends.

NOTE:You don't need to have GNOME nor GST installed AT ALL to run KNetworkConf. The network backend comes included.

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