KimDaBa 2.1 released
Posted on: 05/02/2005 05:21 PM

KimDaBa 2.1 has been released:

After approximately half a year of development, a new version of KimDaBa is now ready for your image management pleasure.

You may download the source code from

Below you will find the list of major changes since KimDaBa 2.0, plus a short introduction to KimDaBa.

Whats is KimDaBa
The easiest way to learn about KimDaBa is to take the three minute tour at

If you are like me you have hundreds or even thousands of images ever since you got your first camera, some taken with a normal camera other with a digital camera. Through all the years you believed that until eternity you would be able to remember the story behind every single picture, you would be able to remember the names of all the persons on your images, and you would be able to remember the exact date of every single image.

I personally realized that this was not possible anymore, and especially for my digital images - but also for my paper images - I needed a tool to help me describe my images, and to search in the pile of images. This is exactly what KimDaba is all about.

With KimDaBa it is today possible for me to find any image I have in less than 5 seconds, let that be an image with a special person, an image from a special place, or even both.

There is of course no such thing as free lunch - with KimDaBa this means that you have to annotate all your images before you are set. KimDaBa are, however, highly optimized for annotating images, so annotating 100 images in
10 minutes are no way impossible.

Major Improvements
- KimDaBa 2.1 introduces a date bar that shows statistics about images, plus support browsing, and narrowing views to a given date range. The date bar shows ranges from a year per unit down to 10 minutes per unit.

- As a consequence of the date bar being introduced, all thumbnails are now shown together, rather than as 100 thumbnail per view.

- In the viewer it is now possible to press a key to set a token, these tokens can the be used during browsing. This makes it easy to mark all images for say printing, by simply setting a token on each of them, and the later browsing for that token.

Minor Improvement
- Added a search line for the items of the browser.

- Made it possible to disable searching for images on start up. This may make KimDaBa much faster at starting up.

- Added an option to automatically load images when matches in the browser goes below a certain amount of images.

- Postpone checking if images is on disk till the information is needed, this speeds up start up with a couple of seconds.

- Added the possibility to zoom out from current scope, thus seeing the context of the current image

- KimDaBa will now escape all non-latin1 characters, so they still look good on web servers that seems to ignore the meta tag.

- Added support for Canon CRW "digital negative"

- Improves handling of EXIF data, in particular in the "Read EXIF Data" dialog. It does not overwrite the time, date, orientation, or comment data unless the EXIF data is actually present. It also adds two new options that do overwrite the time and date information with the file modification date/time if the EXIF data isn't present.

- Added a survey, where I can get some feedback from the KimDaBa users.

- Added member group config to context menu of list select (which is the list boxes of the image property pages)
Having trouble finding a given image in your collection containing thousands of images? might be the answer.

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