KDE 5.0 roadmap announced
Posted on: 08/08/2011 01:40 PM

ITworld posted a news story that the KDE 5.0 roadmap has been announced

KDE 5.0 roadmap announced

The KDE desktop is about to take a major step forward, with the announcement today of the roadmap for KDE Frameworks 5.0.

Most eyes in the Linux desktop world are on the Berlin Desktop Summit this week, as members of the GNOME and KDE camps come together for a joint technical conference running from August 6-12 at Humboldt University in Berlin. Currently, KDE seems to be making the most strides in the joint event, with the surprise announcement of the KDE 5.0 roadmap, which was revealed by KDE developer Aaron Seigo in his blog Sunday.

According to Seigo, the new KDE Frameworks roadmap, which will encompass "the next major release of KDE's libraries and runtime requirements," will have an "emphasis... on modularity, dependency clarity/simplification and increasing quality to the next level."

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