KDE 4.7.3 released
Posted on: 11/02/2011 08:02 PM

KDE 4.7.3 has been released

Today KDE released updates for its Workspaces, Applications, and Development
These updates are the third in a series of monthly stabilization updates to
the 4.7 series. 4.7.3 updates bring many bugfixes and translation updates on
top of the latest edition in the 4.7 series and are recommended updates for
everyone running 4.7.0 or earlier versions. As the release only contains
bugfixes and translation updates, it will be a safe and pleasant update for
everyone. KDEs software is already translated into more than 55 languages,
with more to come.
The October updates contain many performance improvements and bugfixes for
applications using the Nepomuk semantic framework.

To download source code or packages to install go to the 4.7.3 Info Page. The
changelog and Bugzilla list more, but not all improvements since 4.7.2.
Note that these changelogs are incomplete. For a complete list of changes that
went into 4.7.3, you can browse the Subversion and Git logs. 4.7.3 also ships
a more complete set of translations for many of the 55+ supported languages.
To find out more about the KDE Workspace and Applications 4.7, please refer to
the 4.7 release notes and its earlier versions.


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