KDE 4.3.4 Out Now: Codename Cold
Posted on: 12/01/2009 03:55 PM

KDE 4.3.4 has been released

Today, KDE has released a new version of the KDE Software Compilation (KDE SC). This month's edition of KDE SC is a bugfix and translation update to KDE 4.3. KDE SC 4.3.4 is a recommended upgrade for everyone running KDE 4.3.3 or earlier versions. As the release only contains bugfixes and translation updates, it will be a safe and pleasant update for everyone. Users around the world will appreciate that KDE 4.3.4 is more completely translated. KDE 4 is already translated into more than 50 languages, with more to come.

KDE 4.3.4 has a number of improvements:
* A bugfix in Plasma's pixmap cache makes the workspace more responsive
* Okular, the document viewer improved stability in certain situations
* Marble, the desktop globe has seen some polish
* Passphrases with non-ASCII characters have been fixed in the KGpg encryption tool

KDE 4.3.4 Out Now: Codename Cold

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