K3b 1.0 preview 2 released
Posted on: 09/06/2006 10:50 PM

K3b 1.0 preview 2 has been released:

Step 2 in the K3b 1.0 release cycle. This release includes quite a lot of device handling fixes and some GUI changes.

The minimum KDE version has been lowered to 3.2 again and libdvdread has been made an optional dependancy.

There is one important change for theme designers: K3b now supports transparent images. That means one can create K3b themes that adjust to the KDE color scheme. I will soon update the theme howto with information on how to create transparent themes.

I will post a complete change log for the final 1.0 release.

Please go ahead and test this preview so we can make K3b 1.0 rock solid. As always please compile with --enable-debug=full in order to get useful backtraces if K3b crashes.

As always you can get the sources from http://www.k3b.org.

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