K3b 1.0.1 released
Posted on: 04/19/2007 06:27 PM

K3b 1.0.1 has been released:

Hi folks,

we all know how it works: I release something, you use it and find all the bugs I never see because, let's face it, I am using (and testing) K3b in the
same way as I develop it. The result is that I don't find those bugs. Praise
the gods of open-source for this concept.

Well, then, K3b 1.0 was not perfect but I am working on it. So here comes the first bugfix release. But before I get into the changes in detail (see how I always list all small changes in bugfix releases but never remember what I did for a major release I'd like to mention two users that helped tracking down one rather serious threading issue and one really stupid bug. Both Manoj and Antoon Tolboom patched and compiled K3b over and over again until we had tracked down the problems even though both of them do not compile anything on a daily basis. This again shows the power of the open-source approach.

Ok, on with the serious stuff: The ChangeLog:

* Fixed crash when using the Device menu without a selected device.
* Fixed DVD copy when reading from a DVD+RW.
* Fixed --without-alsa configure check
* Fixed a crash in Video DVD ripping when the title does not contain an audio stream
* Only use the mkisofs parameters -biblio, -copyright, and -abstract if they have been set. Using them with invalid values (empty) seems to sometimes result in broken iso images.
* Better compatibility with recent transcode development branch
* Fixed Multisession import size handling.
* Fixed Lame quality preset handling.
* Made libk3bdevice really thread-safe. This fixes the disabled DMA bug!
* New configure check --without-cdrecord-suid-root to disable K3b's check for cdrecord permissions. Although not recommended it is requested by many distributors.
* Changed the order of the buttons in the tool dialogs to match the default KDE order.
* Added handling of the newly introduced genisoimage parameter -allow-limited-size
* Make the K3b Sox audio encoder plugin work with newer sox versions (Thanks, Stephan Binner.)

Go ahead and grab the sources from http://www.k3b.org. Binary packages will probably surface soon.


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