K3b 0.12.9 released
Posted on: 12/15/2005 07:15 PM

K3b 0.12.9 has been released

K3b 0.12.9 is probably the first minor K3b release that introduces a new feature: an Alsa audio output plugin. But that's not all. Some localization problems that bugged you for quite some time have been fixed, too. And thanks to Marcel K3b now has a complete new action and project icon set. See a list of all the changes below.

* New project dcop calls:
o directBurn() - directly starts the burn process without user
o setBurnDevice(QString) - set the burn device to be used.
* Disable the cd-text fields if cd-text writing is disabled.
* New Alsa audio output plugin.
* If a DVD project does not fill up the DVD completely do not close the
DVD in automatic multisession mode.
* Fixed problems with filenames ending in backslashes.
* Fixed verification problems with localized characters.
* Added error handling for incorrectly encoded filenames.
* Automatically use a newly installed version of an external application at the next K3b start.
* Complete new set of K3b action icons for project types and tools. Many thanks to Marcel Dierkes.
* Show text on the burn button to make it catch the eye.
* Support for media:// urls in the Image writing dialogs.
* Fixed problems with files bigger than 2 GB on some systems.

K3b 0.12.9 released

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