K3b 0.12.6 released
Posted on: 10/30/2005 03:12 PM

K3b 0.12.6 has been released

Hello to all of you eager to burn the next CD or DVD with the brand new K3b 0.12.6, here is what changed in K3b 0.12.6 in comparision to 0.12.5:

* Copy XA Form1 tracks always in TAO writing mode.
* Support for media:/ urls.
* No extra whitespace when renaming audio files in a data project anymore.
* Fixed verification of multisession CDs (thanks to simon@munton.demon.co.uk)
* Preserve directory access time in data projects when using the "backup" option.
* Disable the "audio normalization" option in case the normalize program is not installed.

K3b 0.12.6 released

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