K3b 0.12.16 released
Posted on: 06/25/2006 10:36 AM

K3b 0.12.16 has been released

It has been quite a while since my last update. I did not have too much time on my hands. But trust me: that will change soon. :) To ease the waiting for K3b 1.0 here is another bugfix release of the 0.12 series.

* FreeBSD Compile fixes (thanks to Heiner Eichmann).
* NetBSD support (thanks to Mark Davies) (Not extensively tested yet!).
* Always force 44.1khz in the Lame MP3 encoder plugin.
* Fixed VideoDVD creation on rewritable media.
* Fixed Copy of Enhanced Audio CDs with CD-Text.
* Changed default boot cataloge name from "boot.cataloge" to "boot.catalog"
* Fixed a crash when reusing the same DVD Iso Image writing dialog.
* Ignore case when comparing MD5 sums entered by the user.
* Make sure that filenames in a data project's folder are unique.
* Allow index statements bigger than 99 minutes in cue files.
* Properly set the length of SCSI commands (again this fixes some device detection problems).

K3b 0.12.16

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