Jollix 0.2 Released
Posted on: 10/24/2003 03:15 PM

Jollix 0.2 has been released

Jollix is a free GNU/Linux distribution. It's a bootable CD (LiveCD). Jollix is designed for games and multimedia purposes; it's basis is the famous Gentoo Linux, that is capable of automatic hardware detection and configuration. The LiveCD starts a graphical user interface (XFree + KDE), so the most important and useful applications are available after startup.

New in 0.2
Version 0.2 is the second beta-release of jollix. The most important enhancements are: supports ATI Radeon graphics cards, ISDN-cards, Fritz!Card DSL by AVM. Many internet and multimedia applications are part of the software collection, e.g. kopete (ICQ-client), KVIRC, XQF (gameserver browser), Kaffeine (mediaplayer) and TVTime (TV-application). A detailed overview is available here. Experienced GNU/linux users might try to install jollix on their hard disk. But the installation instructions are in german only so far. This will change soon. We plan to develop a graphical installation program for a later version. Jollix is optimized for the i686 architecture; its core is the gaming-sources-2.4.20 kernel from gentoo linux. NVIDIA (TNT- Geforce 5900 FX) and ATI Radeon graphics cards (8500-9800) are supported with full OpenGL 3D acceleration. The size of the jollix ISO-image is 506MB.


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