Java-GNOME 2.8.3
Posted on: 02/05/2005 03:51 PM

Java-GNOME 2.8.3 has been released

The Java-GNOME team announces the latest stable release of the Java-GNOME bindings. These bindings provide the ability to develop GNOME applications in the Java language.

This is our first stable release to provide support for 64-bit architectures. This release also includes numerous bug fixes and build enhancements.

As always, you can download the source tarballs from the GNOME ftp site. The available modules are:

libgtk-java 2.4.8:
bindings for glib, atk, pango, gdk, gdk-pixbuf, and gtk

libgnome-java 2.8.3:
bindings for libgnome, libgnomeui, and libgnomecanvas

libglade-java 2.8.3:
bindings for libglade

libgconf-java 2.8.3:
bindings for gconf

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