Java-Gnome 2.6.0 (stable)
Posted on: 04/14/2004 05:06 AM

Java-Gnome 2.6.0 has been released

Java-Gnome provides Java libraries for creating GTK+ and GNOME applications using the Java programming language. This is a truly free graphical system for Java which works on most JVMs, open source or otherwise, and has support for building applications with a full GUI building tool, glade; for existing GNOME application developers, it provides a convenient object-orientated API without any worries of memory management.

2.6.0 is the first release which we feel confident in calling stable and ready for regular use. We offer the guarantee of API stability - *all* future stable releases until 3.0 will be API compatible. In addition, we will only make additions to the API of stable releases once every 6 months (development releases will also be made regularly, with API changes). We stay in-sync with GTK+ and GNOME libraries by following the official GNOME Platform Bindings release schedule:


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