JAMD Review
Posted on: 06/30/2003 03:52 PM

Tux Reports has posted a review on JAMD (Just Another Modified Distribution)

We continue our look at rpm-based distributions with JAMD 0.0.6, the latest release from Jim Lucha. It is his third release in less than one year. Each release has focused on the personal desktop experience for users who wish to use Linux but who are not interested in the details of learning Linux; such as compiling software, editing configuration files, and customizing the environment. In other words, this distribution is directed toward your neighbor. By giving him or her this distribution, your valuable time will be spent convincing others to use Linux rather than telling others to read the manual. After all, how many times have you found yourself explaining that you do not need .exe files for installing an application? If you answered "too many times" then you need to take a look at JAMD 0.0.6.

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