IspCP fork: i-MSCP
Posted on: 11/12/2010 07:41 PM

Former ispCP developers have started a new ispCP fork named i-MSCP

IspCP fork: i-MSCP

We decided to create a new project called i-MSCP (Internet – Multi Server Control Panel) that will be initialized from ispCP Omega project.

Some ispCP users have already joined us. Of course, you are welcome to join the new team to try to provide the best Open Source control panel intended for both personal and professional usage.

For now, we have decided to host the project on the sourceforge platform. You can join us by registering on sourceforge and sending us a query to be part of our team. You should know that in our team, all people have same status (developer). We have already registered the domain names ( and

Feel free to join us.

What is our VISION:

Our vision is to be a world-class leader that provides one of the most used Web-based control Panel intended to personal and professional usage.

We will accomplish our Vision through our commitment to strategic growth, outstanding service, and community involvement.

What’s our PLAN for the 4 next weeks:
- Switch to the Jquery UI (theme replacement)
- Add external mail feature
- Add SSL support

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