iPod touch, iPhone and Linux - Making it All Work
Posted on: 03/09/2011 11:31 AM

gnuru.org posted a tutorial about using the iPad touch and iPhone under Linux

iPod touch, iPhone and Linux - Making it All Work

There's nothing like an iPod; sleek, beautiful, pleasing to the eye, and totally useless thanks to Apple's insistence on trying to stop you doing what you want with your devices. Are the iPod touch and iPhone two of the most useless devices ever to come from a tech company?

I had previously managed iPods using the excellent gtkpod, but the iPod touch is a different matter. Unlike other iPods which just mount as disks, the iPod touch doesn't. Apple in their infinite idiocy decided to encrypt the iPod touch like they do all iPhones. The iPod touch and the iPhone are very similar; essentially the iPod touch is sort of an iPhone without the 'Phone' bit. I guess that just makes it an 'i'.

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