Install Photoshop CS2 on Your Ubuntu PC
Posted on: 01/27/2008 03:05 PM

SoftPedia posted a guide about installing Photoshop CS2 on your Ubuntu PC with the latest Wine version.

Starting from last night, Photoshop CS2 can now be installed easily by using Wine... on any Linux distribution! "Photoshop CS/CS2 should now work, please help us testing it" - said the wonderful people behind the Wine project. Therefore, I've updated my Ubuntu 7.10 operating system to the latest version of Wine (version 0.9.54 - released on January 25, 2008) and grabbed my "dusted" Photoshop CS2 (a.k.a. version 9.0) CD. I've inserted the CD in the optical drive of my computer and installed Photoshop CS2 just like I was on a Windows PC. And guess what? It really works folks! Amazing! No hacks, no need to copy installation files from a Windows PC or any other "magic" tricks you probably saw on the Internet. The Wine team did a fantastic job with this last release. Thank you guys!

So... are you eager to see this miracle on your own Ubuntu PC? No problem! Read below our step-by-step tutorial on how to install Photoshop CS2 on Ubuntu Gutsy.

Install Photoshop CS2 on Your Ubuntu PC

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