Initial Impressions of Redhat 8.0.92 (Codename Phoebe)
Posted on: 01/07/2003 02:17 AM

OSNews has posted some initial Impressions of Redhat 8.0.92 (Codename Phoebe)

After performing a clean install, I booted up to Phoebe (under GNOME) and had a look around. The only thing I can say is "WOW!" Red Hat has really outdone itself with font rendering this time. The days of Linux systems having inferior fonts to Win32 have come to an end with this release. I thought the fonts in Redhat 8.0 looked good, but they must have done something different here because the overall look is shocking. A real class act by Red Hat. It is comforting to finally see some really beautiful screens. I can't say how the fonts look under KDE, as I chose to only install GNOME, but I would imagine they will look similar.

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